NZZ worries about payments to Palestine On 70th Anniversary of the horrendous Wannsee Conference in Berlin

Wannsee Conference

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On 70th Anniversary of the horrendous Wannsee Conference in Berlin, which planned the organization of the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe, reported in the BBC, known for his anti-Israelism Mr. Woker speak (NZZ 20.01.2012, Worried paymaster of Palestine). The diction of his extreme opinions expressed is indeed painfully familiar. But it still surprised that the BBC – formerly a bourgeois media – especially on that date again only Israel can be explained to the offender does not come into existence at a peaceful solution in the Middle East.

The political assessments that makes Woker are devoid of any political reason. Hamas and its Holocaust desire does not exist for the BBC. Abbas, who is a Holocaust denier, sabotaged all possible negotiations towards a negotiated compromise with Israel, is Woker not mention the need. Prevents that the “Middle East peace process,” not by Israel but by the Palestinian Authority, is a taboo subject for the BBC. The motto of the European Enlightenment, to use one’s own understanding (Sapere Aude) is in charge of Middle East Editor unknown. Abbas and his followers because of the willing payments from Europe and elsewhere have no interest, to conduct serious negotiations, because the wokers in the world live out their anti-Israelism media, one must also register. But Woker sees “Concerned paymaster of Palestine.” We would be delighted if there were the. For the financial support Palestinian sure extremists and terrorists is indeed cause for concern. Some of the “Paid”, such as Arafat, have a nice property can accumulate in that they have the status quo is not definitely changed in the direction of a peace settlement. The European “paymaster” of course it will not be criticized in wokers article.

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