NZZ and the Middle East. Or is ignorance an excuse for poor argumentation?

Anti Semitic sentiments are known in Europe and can be fueled by one-sided Anti-Israel publications (see There are also stereotypes and a lot of negative comments on Old Testament mentioning Jews as selected people and Israel as a Promised Land.

NZZ Nr. 19, 24 Jan 2013 page 23, publishes an article of top NZZ reporter about election in Israel. First paragraph is presenting so called Israeli ‘rights’, who in the name of Zionism see land between Jordan and Mediterranean as a Promised Land.

Some people would see nothing wrong with this statement. Many people are religious including Christian Zionists and can believe in whatever they want.

But is this statement correct? I do not think so.

  1. Biblical Land of Israel (and Palestine geographically) includes East of Jordan River and some of South Lebanon. Why Israeli ‘rights’ not claiming all the Promised Land? How they can claim only part of it? Why Netanyahu is committed to 2 States Solution? Map of Biblical Israel can be easily found on Wikipedia and compared to map of Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, see
  2. Israeli right to a secure state is part of the International Law, which is, for example, resolution of 242. I do not remember an NZZ article that mentioned Israeli security needs (i seen many but not all, of course). i feel this is question is simply neglected in Western Media
  3. Israel has perfect rights and a legal grounds to claim Judea and Samaria (shamefully called West Bank) on the basis of the International law (see British Mandate or The Legal Case for Israel
  4. NZZ does not mention that whole land of Israel is often claimed as y Palestine, even by Arab parties in Israel parliament. Fatah/Palestine logo including whole territory of Israel can be found here: or here

Everyone, including NZZ writers, has right to believe in something or feel hatred to someone. I feel that publications on Middle East subjects are poor and shame for NZZ.

P.S. Some images

Topographical map of Palestinian state v Israelwestbank-e1britishmandate×11.html

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