While NZZ-online voiced Hezbollah, printed version uses traditional Anti-Israel vocabular

I did not find article about ‘International Critic’ in printed version today (but article is still with NZZ online) . NZZ Nr.26 1 Feb 2013 page 5. has the follwoing header:

Israes Air Force engages in Syria. Moscow sees an unacceptable violation of UN Charter (Israes Luftwaffe greift in Syrien ein. Moskau sieht einen inakzeptablen Verstoss gegen Uno-Charta)

Anti-Israel vocabulary is still here (as usual Israel violates something  + UNO + unacceptable etc.), no analysis, no prove, no legal advice …  If Israel is not violating UNO charter, nobody can blaim NZZ  in misreporting as they just wrote something about somebody. One can say official position of Moscow was not exactly correct
but NZZ is fine as it only ‘information’.

By the way, what about attacks fulfilled by Russia, US, France and Turkey?


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