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NZZ and Hezbollah with international critic on Israel

It is interesting article today (31.01.2013). Header: International Critic to Israeli attack (Internationale Kritik am israelischen Angriff). Hezbollah mentioned 6 times in this article. There are 2 sentences in 1st paragraph –   1st – informs about attack and

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NZZ puzzled with header again or is NZZ completely wrong reporting UN-Israel topic?

NZZ nr. 24.  page 5. Header: Israel boycotts UN Human Rights Council  (”Israel boykottiert Uno-Rat”) on-line version has a puzzle in its header: Israel boycotted review (Israel boykottiert Überprüfung) There is not a big chance to understand anything from

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NZZ in a Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. Confusing words-2

Middle East conflict is known by its confusing vocabulary. It is very difficult to agree on words to be used. For example Palestine’ may refer to Territory occupied by Israel, PA, South Lebanon & Syria, West Jordan (East Bank). PA

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NZZ and ‘confusing words’ usage: Westjordanland or Cisjordanland? or still Judea and Samaria …?

NZZ (Nr. 23, 29.01.2013, page 6) article is almost good and informative but missing some important points that should have been mentioned. Deadly violence in West Bank (Tödliche Gewalt in Cisjordanien) Why i consider this NZZ article as an

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NZZ im Dienst palästinensischer Politik in Jerusalem (link)

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NZZ or when negligence is good….

27 January 2013 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are a lot of news in weekend edition of NZZ today but no word about this date, United Nation and celebration. “Denying historical facts, especially on such an important subject as

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Das geheime Wissen der NZZ-Redaktion (link)

Das geheime Wissen der NZZ-Redaktion.

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